despre-noiLEFA was born in October 2014, out of the necesity of a dream that required fulfillment. Our dream is for us and our children to live in a better world. And since the world is made of each and every one of us, the contribution of each of us is essential. We thought to contribute in the field where we held competencies and where we believe there is room for change, that is children’s and youth education.

Out first dream, that of producing an educational film for children to teach them true values, has given birth to other dreams that were materialized in our projects “Education for life” and “Education for the soul”. You can read more about them in the section “Our projects”.

Although we are still small, our dreams are big. For we believe in the utility of our projects.

Team Life Education for All


oana-mindrutOana Mindrut, President
“I love words, that is why I am involved in communiation. I love people, that is why I was a volunteer in many humanitarian projects. I am a lucky person who received a lot from others along the way, that is why I believe it is my turn to give back to those in need. I am a person who believes in the power of education to change the world for the better, that is why I have founded the association Life Education for All.”

Teampau PetrutaTeampau Petruta, Founder member
Petruta Teampau is lecturer at the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, UBB, and she teaches courses in Political Anthropology, Gender Studies and Qualitative Methodology. She has a PhD. in cultural anthropology from UBB with the thesis “Body and ideological discourse in post-communist Romania”. She has participated in international research projects: „Nature, culture and planning in the Danube Delta” (2006-2009); “Teaching Anthropology: Means and Meaning”, ReSet project (Regional Seminar for Excellency in Teaching), HESP (2003-2006); “Teaching Gender in Eastern Europe”, HESP (2005-2008); also, she has participated in several cooperative research projects with World Vision Foundation (on the topic of early school leaving in Romania, October 2014-April 2015), with FDSC (September 2013-March 2014, on the topic of hate speech in Romania), with New Horizons Foundation (February-September 2012, on the topic of non-formal education). She publishes in the fields of urban anthropology and gender studies.

Our services

In order to implement, free of charge, the projects of our association, we offer our expertise for a price, for those who need our services and want to contribute, indrectly, to the mission of LEFA.

> Training trainers
> Interpersonal communication
> Good manners for children
> Performant management
> Business Protocole
> Organizational communication
> Public relations

If you are interested in one or more of our courses, contact us and we can provide a personalised offer, according to your neccesities.