“Education for the soul” is a non formal education project for children aged 5 to 10. For the moment, this project is being piloted through voluntary activities of the members of the association in the framework of the program “Scoala-Saptamana Altfel/Different school-week” and privately for different afterschool programs and private schools.

We wish to include this program among the optional disicplines in the scholar curriculum of the primary cycle, and for this puprose we intend to sign a partnership with the Ministery of Education and Scientific Research and to identitfy a form of private or public funding to pilote this program across a scholar year. During this pilot-program we will be able to develop an entire curriculum and a handbook “Education or the soul”, as well as the educational resources required for teaching.

Next step would be to train teachers who are interested in teaching this course and to promote the utility of this program in developing children’s qualities such as altruism, goodness, assertiveness, emotional intelligence, creativity.